ethel_aardvark (ethel_aardvark) wrote,

Active Talking

So, I've been exposed to the concept of 'active listening' a lot lately (and indeed, over the last 5 or so years).

I want to propose a parallel concept, called 'active talking'. This is where the person doing the talking respects the listener by, for example, checking with the listener to see that they're getting their meaning across clearly, makes an active effort to make what they're saying relevant to the listener and isn't boring the pants off the listener, making sure they are talking 'to' the listener, rather than 'at' the listener* etc.

* to is where people converse, at is where one person e.g. tells another person a long self-focused anecdote without pausing to see how the listener is taking it, or e.g. gives the listener comprehensive directions without pausing to check whether the listener either needs the directions or understands the directions.
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